With the on-going development of Internet and IoT technology, the trend of combining the advanced internet technology with traditional industry brings infinite potentials and imagination space to every participant who are involved in this great revolution. This industry revolution triggered by Internet of Everything is called Industry 4.0 in Europe, or Industry IoT in North America; in China, it is extended defined as a broader coverage “internet +”by the implementation of “Integration of Informatization and Industrialization”.

From the access to the use of energy, from equipment production to the process industry, from industrial manufacturing to urban civilization, accompanied with the evolution of industrial civilization, the way human get along with nature is undergoing a profound change. Higher requirement such as environmental friendly and securer and more efficient industry production is brought to awareness of public as harmonious coexistence of human and industrial system. In Industry IOT environment, the number of industrial equipment assets and relevant industrial data, is increasing in a geometric progression. Effective management and use of industrial big data, is one of the most important aspects of giving full play to the value of the enterprise data asset, and an inevitable path for industrial enterprise to carry out more environment friendly, safer and more efficient production.

“Practicing and Thinking, find rules and achieve more”. For more than ten years, the constantly evolutionary iEM System intelligence platform is leading more and more users to discover the unseen values of enormous operation data, providing a tool for enterprises to achieve safe and efficient production. With the rapid development and popularization of industry IoT technology, the iEM System is being more and more accepted by wise users providing a basic technical support platform for the smart maintenance and operation.


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