In the modern industrial production, the stable operation of the major key devices is particularly important for the owner, or for the equipment manufacturer. Under ideal conditions, it is an effective means to improve the management and competition of equipment manufacturers to realize the life cycle management of major equipment. iEM System intelligent platform which uses the industry big data technology realize the online assessment of health state for key equipment and potential fault early warning. With online monitoring and diagnosis system together, realizes an integrated system of "thing's begin, middle, behind" for equipment failure analysis.

Remote Equipment Monitoring & Early Warning

Equipment online health assessment technology based on iEM System intelligent platform can establish equipment manufacturer's distant early warning diagnostic center, remote potential faults of equipment diagnosis found in advance potential accident risks and maximize equipment manufacturing expert advantage of manufacturers, preventive measures, from a relatively passive fault after the management mode, into a more proactive fault forecast in advance and prevention model, from equipment design, processing and manufacturing to operation and maintenance of the whole life cycle management.

Embedded Equipment Early Warning

With the use of industrial data technology of iEM System intelligent platform, We can be embedded early warning diagnosis function in the equipment manufacturing process, for the use of the site users to provide a more active management model.


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