iEM System intelligence platform adopts a patented machine learning algorithms of real-time data, by modeling massive amounts of operation data through the "HYPERSPHERE" modeling technology, conducts online health and performance monitoring of operating equipment and system under industrial environment, creatively realizes displaying the online status of industrial object with a single quantitative index, and automatically proceeding relevance and expectation calculation of health and performance monitoring results. iEM System intelligence platform changed the traditional pattern of human-computer interaction under industrial environment, realized more concise and intelligent human-machine interaction by machine learning algorithms, given the traditional industrial System the potential to realize artificial intelligence.
Taking “Simplify the complexity, distinguish the tiny difference” as creed, in today's rapid expansion in the industrial IoT technology, iEM System is your ideal platform to practice industrial big data applications, and realize digital transformation of company assets.
iEM System equipment online quantitative health diagram of evaluation

iEM System function module structure diagram

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