The automation and information system of industrial enterprise kept a large number of operational data of industrial processes and devices. As the massive operation data accumulate over a long period, in the manually single-parameter view and analysis mode, the relevant information hidden in the massive operation data is hard to be read and interpreted. In reality, from operation to maintenance in the vast majority of industrial field, the relationship between human and machine equipment can only be a relatively passive failure handling or post-processing mode.

“Mend the fold after the sheep have been stolen” is only a compelling choice, it is better to intervene at the early stage of performance degradation or fault on industrial production site, prevent the occurrence of large abnormal deterioration of production and equipment operation  IEM System intelligence platform adopts the industry big data technology, through patent machine learning algorithms, instantly discover the subtle features of the production site and equipment status change in the complicated mass operation data automatically, prompt user to take appropriate action in the early stages of the performance degradation or potential failure, really realize the nip in the bud.

Rooted on the "cause-and-effect" relationship based on the "mechanism" state analysis, the iEM System intelligence platform industrial big data technology is an expertise solution to achieve safe and efficient production by automatic identification of the operation data relations, which provides a more proactive and easier relationship between human and machine equipment under industrial IoT environment.


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